You don’t have to put up with wobbly false teeth

If you have found that dentures don’t really fulfil their promise of replacing your teeth so well that you can’t notice the difference, then maybe you need to think about using dental implants in Melbourne to stabilise them.

At High Dental Implants Melbourne, we replace dentures that rely on suction to the gums with dentures that are fixed onto dental implants in Melbourne.

Why dentures get wobbly

Your dentures may have been a great fit when you first had them, but over time they have come loose. That’s what happens with dentures, and here’s why: your jawbone is shrinking and your gums are receding. Every year there is less bone for your dentures to grip onto.

This process is caused by there no longer being any tooth roots in the jawbone. When teeth come together as we bite and chew, they send tiny vibrations down into the roots and surrounding jawbone. These vibrations tell the bone that it is still in use and so the bone cells renew themselves.

When there are no roots to convey these messages, the bone doesn’t just sit there. It interprets the lack of vibration as proof that it is no longer in use and it starts to dissolve itself in a process known as resorption. You can lose up to 25% of the size and density of your jawbone in the first year alone after you lose a tooth.

Changing to dental implants

When you use dental implants in Melbourne to attach your dentures to, you no longer have to worry about embarrassment from wobbly teeth. Eating becomes a pleasure again, and you can eat whatever you want to.

Having dental implants also ensures that your jawbone does not degenerate. The implants take on the role of your roots in conveying vibrations into your jawbone to get it to renew itself.

If you have been without teeth for some time, we may need to do some work to augment your jawbone before we add dental implants. We can do bone grafts, which add bone tissue into your jawbone.

Come in for a consultation and find out how dental implants can give you your freedom back.