Dental Implant Treatments

Single Tooth

Bone grafts revitalise and rejuvenate the face while providing the best possible foundation for implant treatment.

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Multiple Teeth

If you have lost multiple teeth, you may be wearing a denture or partial denture. Implants are a viable and clinically proven alternative to missing teeth.

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All-on-four is a revolutionary and highly advanced new method that allows a full mouth of new teeth to rest with complete, proven stability on only four implants.

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Bone Grafting

Bone grafts revitalise and rejuvenate the face while providing the best possible foundation for implant treatment.

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Crowns are tooth-shaped caps that fit over the top of your teeth and can be made from metal, porcelain or composite material.

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If you require a more extensive restoration than a crown or have more than one tooth that needs to be repaired, a good solution is a bridge.

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If you have a few or all of your teeth missing, one solution is to have a denture.

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Denture Stabilisation

If you have loose or ill-fitting dentures, your ability to eat and speak may become affected. There is now a procedure whereby your denture can be fixed to your jaw with dental implants.

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Conscious Sedation

Many patients feel self-conscious about dental treatment and nervous about visiting the dentist. We offer special care to our anxious patients through two forms of sedation to make their appointments more comfortable and relaxing.

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Sinus Lift

A sinus lift makes use of the contours of your face to provide a second chance at the functionality and reliability of dental implants.

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Teeth Whitening

If you are self-conscious about the shade of your teeth or if you have staining on some of your teeth, professional teeth whitening treatment is a recommended option for you to consider.

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When a front tooth is chipped, dental veneers are often used to disguise the damage. This is a quick and easy option to restore your smile.

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