Why dental implants are so great

If you know people who have had their a tooth or several teeth replaced with a dental implant in Melbourne, you have probably heard how good they are. If you don’t know anyone with dental implants, think again. There’s a good chance that people over 40 around you have one or two, maybe even all their teeth replaced with crowns supported on tooth implants.

Crowns that match your age

A dental implant in Melbourne is not easy to spot. The crowns are made from porcelain that can be coloured and shaped to look exactly like teeth for the person wearing them. Someone in their 20s who lost their teeth coming off their skateboard will have whiter crowns with rounder edges than those of someone in their 50s or 60s, where the crowns will probably be a bit yellower to reflect the fact that enamel thins as we age. They will have flatter chewing edges, worn down by years of eating, and they might even show a bit more tooth around the gumline as gums tend to recede as the years go by. If you have dental implants in your 20s, you can get the crowns replaced as you get older so they keep marking time with the rest of your teeth.

Teeth that stay put

Eating can be a pleasure again with a dental implant in Melbourne. Because the dental implant is inserted into the jawbone where it integrates with the bone tissue, after a few months, a tooth or teeth on a dental implant can chomp their way through even the chewiest steak on the barbecue. And teeth on dental implants won’t let you down by sliding around in your mouth when you speak or lifting up when you yawn. Two more give away signs of false teeth sorted.

Keep that chiselled jaw

Another sign of false teeth is a jawbone that gets progressively smaller and more pointy as the years pass. This is caused by the bone resorbing itself without the tremors from tooth roots coming together to tell it it’s still in use. As the jaw dissolves itself, the face also starts to collapse in on itself. Not a good look.