What we offer

At High Dental Implants, our patients have had dental implants in Melbourne, going on to enjoy their lives with new confidence and improved dental health. We’re an implant dentist providing dental implants in Melbourne for our patients for the replacement of single or multiple missing teeth. We also offer same day teeth as part of our services.

It’s our aim to provide a pleasant and approachable service, from the moment our patients step through the door.

How are implants different?

Not everyone knows what implants are or that they can get dental implants in Melbourne. Essentially, dental implants are titanium metal screws that are fixed into the gap of a missing tooth. They’re different because they can ensure greater, long-term stability to the rest of your teeth and your jawline.

Once the screw is fixed in place, it then bonds with the jawbone and has been proven to encourage growth in the remaining bone. Unlike dentures, getting dental implants mean that you can get natural-looking teeth without the risk of damaging the remaining teeth or jawbone.

Getting dental implants in Melbourne is an easy and straightforward process and is a process you can speak to any of our team about.

About our team

Our highly skilled staff are waiting to warmly welcome you to our practice, offering a comfortable and relaxing environment. We want to work with you, not only to provide your implants, but to ensure you have great, long-term health.

We believe in ongoing training and development and organise regular, continuing professional development for our staff. This ensures that the team can stay up-to-date with the latest techniques, strategies and technology being used or introduced in the dental sector. Our team can also offer guidance about how to look after your teeth at home.

Why do I need implants?

Getting dental implants in Melbourne can provide a long-lasting and secure fitting in your mouth. With dentures, they can sometimes shift position when you eat certain foods. When you have implants fitted, you can be confident and comfortable about eating whatever you like without feeling concerned that they’ll move. You can smile, bite, chew and speak as you usually would with your natural teeth.