What to do about missing teeth

Do you take your teeth for granted? It’s often not until we lose a tooth that we realise just how much we rely on them day-to-day. Particularly the front ‘social six’ teeth. These are the ones we use to bite into food. They also show when we smile and they play a large role in how we form our speech.

Losing a tooth is not a nice experience. Aside from the obvious fact that you will experience pain in the gum area where the tooth has been lost, you will also probably experience issues such as:

  • Difficulty chewing food
  • Difficulty talking
  • Problems with neighbouring teeth over time
  • Jawbone loss over time
  • Loss of facial aesthetics.

When you lose a tooth and you upset the delicate balance of your mouth and oral health. This can have a negative impact on your life in general. Luckily there is a way to replace them. Tooth replacements can look just like natural teeth when you opt for a dental implant in Melbourne. Our team here at High Dental Implants Melbourne are ready to help restore your missing tooth, or even teeth if you have a few missing.

About your dental implant in Melbourne

A dental implant in Melbourne is a complete tooth replacement. Not just the visible part of your tooth, but the root too. Some tooth replacements only offer to replace the top, visible part of your tooth. In the case of a dental bridge, the replacement will rely on teeth next to it to hold it in place. In the case of dentures, you’ll need suction or glue to hold teeth in place. Dental implants however act very similarly to independent natural teeth. They come complete with replacement titanium tooth roots to hold them in place.

You will need minor surgery to fit the titanium root into your jawbone. This can be done with a local anaesthetic in your dental clinic. Once this titanium root has been fitted, you’ll be able to have a natural-looking, natural-feeling tooth replacement fitted on top of it. After the tooth has settled in, you’ll clean it like a natural tooth, flossing and brushing twice each day.