What are dental implants, and why might I decide to have Dentist Implants in Melbourne?

Dental implants are essentially a form of restorative dentistry that aims to restore and replace the natural tooth’s root and crown. Many individuals may believe that dental implants are only suitable for the replacement of single teeth within the mouth, however this is not the case. Dental implants can be used for the replacement of several, or a whole row of teeth within the mouth.

Dental implants consist of three aspects that aim to promote a stable base for the patient’s teeth. The base of the dental implant has a vital part to play, due to the fact that it supports both the abutment, as well as the porcelain crown. The abutment, also commonly referred to as the connector, essentially connects both the base and the porcelain crown together.

What is the porcelain crown, and what is its role in the Dentist Implants in Melbourne?

The porcelain crown is the ‘tooth’ looking part of the Dentist Implants in Melbourne and is the most visible part of the restoration, it is important due to its aesthetically pleasing role within the implant. The porcelain crown is unique to each individual patient, as it is custom made to match the patient’s surrounding teeth in terms of their exact shape and shade. The role of the porcelain crown is to blend in with the remaining teeth, and should not require a more rigorous dental hygiene routine than normal.

How do I look after dental implants?

Despite common misconception, dental implants do not actually require an extensive dental hygiene routine, and may only need patients to brush, floss, and use mouthwash in the same way as they would with their normal teeth. After your dental implants are fully healed (time can vary greatly, but should be between three to six months) patients should have no reason to require any more dental appointments than other patients do.

Does having dental implants hurt, and how long do they take to heal?

Many individuals may refrain from undergoing even the simplest dental treatments, as they may be scared of the discomfort or pain they may feel, or they have a dental phobia. A dental phobia (despite common misconception) is extremely common and can hold many individuals back from undergoing dental implants at our clinic in Melbourne, however patients should not feel worried. Patients should not experience pain when undergoing dental implants, as we have forms of anaesthetic which can help ease the discomfort dramatically. After patients finish their dental implant treatment they may experience low to high levels of discomfort after three to seven days following their treatment. If individuals are experiencing pain after this time period we suggest they come in and see us to check everything is going as expected. Each patient’s healing time varies greatly, but typically a patient’s implant should be healed after three to six months.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.