What a difference a dental implant in Melbourne makes

Even losing just one tooth can play havoc in your mouth. Although it can be tempting to live with the gap than go through the rigmarole of getting a replacement, gaps mean the remaining teeth can start to wander around and even tip into the gap and then fall out.

So, what to do? Do you have a partial denture on a plate? Do you get a bridge that is attached to your neighbouring teeth? Or do you get all modern and go for a dental implant in Melbourne with us at High Dental Implants?

We say modern like dental implants just arrived in Armadale, but in fact they have been around for more than 30 years now and are very well tried, tested and trusted as the most effective form of replacement teeth.

Good for your jawbone

When you get a dental implant in Melbourne, you are saving yourself all sorts of hassle and, at the same time, ensuring the continuing health and integrity of your jawbone and surrounding teeth.

A dental implant in Melbourne is the only way to replace the whole tooth. Dentures and bridges only replace the crowns, not the roots. And your jawbone needs tooth roots sending down vibrations every time the crowns of your teeth meet their partner on the opposing jaw. These vibrations tell your bone cells to keep on renewing themselves. Without them, the cells actually start to melt away, and your jawbone shrinks in the areas where you have lost teeth.

Good for your body

Tooth implants are anchored so firmly into your jawbone that you can carry on eating whatever you want, even toffees (mind the sugar!), steaks, nuts, and great raw veggies. None of them will harm your implant like they might a bridge. This means you continue to get all the nutrition your body needs.

Good for your self-confidence

Because of the anchoring, there is no chance that your new tooth will wobble around and embarrass you. In fact, we’d be very surprised if anyone even noticed your implant, even if they kissed you very thoroughly. With a dental implant in Melbourne, you can carry on with life as if tooth loss never happened.