Thinking of dental implants, here’s a few things to consider

In Melbourne, dental implants are the only tooth restoration treatment that will replace the entire tooth. When you consider the structure of your natural tooth, it consists of a crown and a root. The crown provides the biting surface, whilst the root anchors the tooth into the jawbone, creating strength and stability. Bridges, dentures and crowns replace the biting surface, but cannot replace the root. Instead they rely on ‘borrowed’ stability from neighbouring teeth or the gum. This borrowing creates some inherent difficulties such as reduced bite force, slippage in the case of dentures, and stress placed on neighbouring teeth leading to pain and possible deterioration of the teeth.

However, the most significant effect of tooth loss is jawbone shrinkage. This occurs because the root encourages bone growth, and when it’s removed, your jawbone starts to lose density, shrinking and causing further tooth loss. Dental implants replace the root and encourage healthy bone growth. In order to receive dental implants, you will need a thorough assessment with a dentist at High Dental Implants Melbourne, looking at key factors that could affect the success of your implants.

Factors affecting successful implantation

The health of both your jawbone and gum are significant factors in successful implantation. We will assess both, treating any issues such as:

Jawbone health

Good bone density is required for healthy growth after your surgery ensuring your bone will bond to the implant. If we have concerns, we can treat most issues restoring health. We will discuss these options with you during assessment.

Gum health

Gum inflammation, infection or disease will affect the success of your dental implants. In Melbourne, we will need to treat any underlying causes and clear up any infections. This is sometimes due to ineffective oral health routines, so we will ask you to stick to brushing and flossing twice a day.

Lifestyle choices

Smoking can undermine your oral health so you we will look at ways to support you to reduce or possibly give up with smoking cessation information.

Once you have received your assessment, we will then be able to lay out a treatment plan to treat any issues and then fit your Melbourne dental implants.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.