Think it’s all about cosmetics? 5 surprising health benefits of dental implants in Melbourne

When it comes to cosmetic dental care, it is obvious what the benefits

If you have had yellow stained teeth for a while, having them whitened can boost the appearance of your teeth, prompting you to smile more. If you have had a pesky gap in between your front teeth, having veneers placed can close the gap, improving both your smile and your bite strength and accuracy.

But is that all that these cosmetic procedures can offer? No! In fact, veneers can also reduce oral sensitivity, meaning that you will be able to eat ice cream or drink hot chocolate without needing to worry about discomfort.

Like these other cosmetic procedures, oral implants are also able to offer different benefits, aside from simply closing a gap.

At High Dental Implants in Melbourne, our dental team are experts when it comes to all things implant-related, and can attest to the other advantages of this restorative procedure. Far from concealing an area of missing teeth, there are many other health advantages that reach far beyond feeling better about your smile.

So, what are the other advantages of having dental implants in Melbourne? Read on to find out!

Better oral health

Missing teeth equate to plaque accumulation on gums and on now exposed areas of your teeth.

And as you know, plaque can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Once you have dental implants in Melbourne fitted, these areas are concealed and plaque can no longer build-up, reducing the chances of gum disease and cavities from forming.

Improved general health

Increased plaque on your gums can lead to increased plaque in your bloodstream, which has been linked to a myriad of health issues, from cardiovascular disease to cancer.

By having implants fitted, the plaque is no longer able to escape the toothbrush and will not make its way further into the body.

Improved digestion

It is easy to forget that teeth are responsible for the first stage in digestion; the grinding and chewing of food.

Missing teeth prevent correct grinding and can lead to larger bits of food reaching the stomach, causing heartburn, acid reflux and indigestion. As they are designed to bite and chew, implants will enable you to grind food correctly and will ease the digestive process.

Better sleep

When teeth are missing, it is harder for the upper and lower jaw to sit together comfortably.

And at night when the facial muscles relax, this can lead to nocturnal grinding, which causes the teeth to rub together. This understandably interrupts correct sleep patterns, leaving you feeling unrested come morning.

Implants will help the 2 jaws fit together properly and will allow you to get those all-important 40 winks!

Fewer headaches and migraines

Grinding caused by missing teeth creates muscle tension in the neck which can lead to headaches and even migraines. Yikes!

As mentioned before, implants can reduce the occurrence of nocturnal grinding, enabling you to go about your day without a sharp headache or an intense migraine. Great stuff!


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.