How dental implants in Melbourne can preserve your oral health

Missing and badly decayed teeth are bad for your oral health, but also breed dangers for your overall health. Missing teeth can lead to jawbone loss, alterations in the facial structure, and even speaking problems. These problems can be either solved temporarily with bridges and dentures or for good with dental implants.

At High Dental Implants, you might be surprised how affordable dental implants in Melbourne are compared to bridges and dentures, especially if you take into consideration the long-term cost.

How do dental implants affect oral health?

Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth and for good reason. These small, titanium posts are surgically inserted into the jawbone, where missing teeth used to stand. And because they are designed to attach to the bone tissue, they are more natural than bridges and dentures – in fact, they are the closest thing to real teeth.

Once they heal properly, dental implants in Melbourne are ready to support replacement teeth in the form of crowns, bridges or dentures. As such, dental implants restore oral function almost completely (this depends on the number of teeth you are missing to start with and whether you have opted for crowns or dentures) by reinstating your natural chewing and biting ability and helping with digestion. Moreover, dental implants do not require support from adjacent teeth like bridges, therefore the rest of your teeth are not stressed.

More importantly, dental implants in Melbourne are important for your oral and general health because they preserve bone tissue by reducing bone deterioration. This way your jawbone will remain strong and functional and your facial characteristics will not alter.

Last but not least, we cannot discount the cosmetic advantages of dental implants. Since replacement teeth are created to look just like natural teeth, your smile will be improved. This is particularly important if you are anxious about your appearance or if your profession requires a flawless smile.

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