How dental implants could transform your smile

Many people lose a tooth in their lifetime, and some people will lose all of them. When a tooth falls out it can be upsetting and people often worry that there is nothing they can do to replace it, leaving them feeling self-conscious about smiling. Some people can end up finding it difficult to hold a conversation with someone because they are too embarrassed about their missing teeth, and end up isolating themselves. At High Dental Implants Melbourne, we have treatments that can help you whether it is just the one tooth that needs replacing or all of them.

Dental implants in Melbourne will completely transform your smile using natural looking and feeling artificial teeth. The tooth implant itself is a small screw that fits comfortably into your gum tissue where the root of your original tooth would have been. You will then have an appliance attached to these tooth implants to complete your new teeth. They will close any gaps that you have, give you back your ability to chew whatever food you like with confidence and let you enjoy smiling at passers by once again.

Are you insecure about missing teeth?

If your teeth have started to fall out due to decay and disease, or you have been involved in an accident and had some of your teeth knocked out, dental implants in Melbourne could help you when it comes to transforming your smile back into one that you are proud of. Partial dentures and bridges can both be used to replace your teeth when you are missing more than one, and both of these appliances will enable you to feel confident again when it comes to smiling, speaking and eating.

Partial dentures are used to replace several teeth that are next to each other, whilst bridges are used to replace missing teeth that are on either side of a remaining original tooth. Taking care of your artificial teeth and tooth implants is important, as the better care your new teeth receive the longer they will last you.

Are you tired of having a toothless smile?

When you have no teeth left you could find it difficult to speak and may feel insecure because you cannot smile properly. Some people who are missing teeth do not want to have dentures because they are worried about them falling out or coming loose, but dental implants in Melbourne offers you a totally secure and fixed alternative when it comes to replacing full sets of teeth.

There are several options when it comes to replacing a full set of teeth, such as same day teeth and All-on-Four treatments. Our dental practitioner will be able to recommend which treatment is the most suitable for your individual circumstances when you have your consultation appointment. When you are having every tooth replaced you will not need one tooth implant per tooth, as the screws that are used are more than capable of supporting multiple false teeth. All-on-Four is an advanced treatment where you can have a full mouthful of teeth replaced on as little as four tooth implants, whilst same day teeth is where you have your screws inserted and artificial teeth attached in the same day.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.