Have you had oral implants fitted?A brief aftercare guide from High Dental Implants

So, having had enough of that gap in your teeth, you decided to go for oral implants to fill it and boost your confidence; good for you! Now you have your implants what next?

While the next few weeks are likely to be a bit sore as you wait for your gum to heal and your jaw to begin growing around the implants, it is likely that you will have some questions about the aftercare. Of course, if you came to our team at High Dental Implants, we would have provided you with all the information you required, but as is often the way, you may have forgotten it or have lost the leaflets.

Not to worry!

In this brief guide, our team at High Dental Implants in Melbourne will address the aftercare required to keep your implants healthy and provide you with tips to keep the discomfort down, so you can get on with your life. Our aim is to keep your oral health in top shape as the implants settle in, improving the chance for successful treatment in the long term.

So, what precautions should you take after you have had dental implants in Melbourne fitted?

Read on to find out!


As odd as it may sound, our team at High Dental Implants in Melbourne recommends that on the evening of your treatment, you brush your teeth as you normally would, but take care to avoid the implant site.

Of course, if you have no natural teeth and are waiting to have a full set of dentures fitted, then we recommend that you avoid brushing in the mouth, and stick to salt rinses in the short term. Do not use mouthwash until the gums have healed completely and a member of our team says it is a good idea; mouthwash contains alcohol and this can be bad for an open gum line.

Salt washes

Ah, the good old fashioned salt wash!

Even if you have only had one implant fitted, it is advisable to give your mouth a lukewarm salt wash twice a day to keep the implant site clean.

If possible, keep food away from the implant site too, but in cases where this is difficult, just perform another salt wash. Rinse your mouth with water after any consumption of food too!

Smoking and alcohol

Of course, when it comes to any kind of oral surgery, it is always wise to avoid smoking and alcohol until the injury has healed.

While we do not condone excessive alcohol consumption or smoking (as these cause implants to fail sooner), if you must engage in these activities, try to limit them.

Hot beverages

Until your gums are feeling a little less tender, avoid drinking hot drinks or hot food. In a similar vein, do not eat overly spicy foods, as this can create inflammation around the implant site. And, as always, rinse your mouth out after eating.


This should not be an issue but, if you need to find some relief, take an anti-inflammatory painkiller.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.