Fill that gap with a dental implant and smile

Losing a tooth can be a very traumatic experience, and if you are unlucky enough for the gap to be visible when you smile, it can have a huge impact on your self-confidence. You don’t have to put up with it though, as you can replace that lost tooth with a dental implant in Melbourne.

A dental implant will look and feel like a real tooth

By having that gap filled with a dental implant in Melbourne, it will feel just like having your old tooth back. A dental implant feels just like a natural tooth, and looks just like one too. The replacement tooth will be custom made to match your other teeth in colour and size, and nobody will be able to tell the difference when you smile. You can eat normally, smile and laugh, and feel completely confident. Some people even forget they have an implant after a while, it feels so natural.

An implant could save your other teeth

By leaving a gap in your teeth, you are putting the neighbouring teeth at risk. Teeth stay stable by supporting each other, so if there is a gap, the neighbouring teeth can twist or tilt over time. This can be avoided by being fitted with a dental implant in Melbourne. The implant acts like a natural tooth in keeping the neighbouring teeth firmly in place.

One implant can replace up to 4 teeth

If you have lost more than one tooth in a row, you don’t need an implant to replace each tooth. One tooth implant can support a bridge of up to 4 teeth. Just like when replacing a single tooth, the implant and bridge will feel completely natural and enable you to chew and eat normally. Imagine replacing 4 missing teeth with just one dental implant in Melbourne.

It’s not just about the front teeth

While it’s true that a missing front tooth has a major impact on your appearance, a gap in the back teeth can also have an effect. Missing teeth can cause the jawbone to recede and the shape of your face to alter. A dental implant can prevent this, so visit an implant dentist to explore your options.