Did you see it coming?

When you think of tooth loss, what do you picture? An old lady or man, hunched over with a sunken jowls? That’s one possible scenario. But how about that broad-shouldered footie player with a gaping hole right at the front of his teeth? Or that svelte hockey player with unsightly gaps where her front teeth used to be? Tooth loss can happen at any age. Even if you aren’t into sports, maybe you came off your bike on the ride to work or slipped on the pavement when it was pouring down with rain? However it happened, you need to get it sorted out fast with a dental implant in Melbourne.

What’s the hurry?

At High Dental Implants Melbourne, we want you to hold onto your teeth for as long as possible. ‘But I’ve already lost one’, we hear you cry. True, but losing one tooth can lead to losing even more if you don’t take action quickly. That’s because when you lose a tooth, the root goes along with the crown. Your roots carry vibrations from the teeth clashing together down into your jawbone. This tells your jawbone to stay strong and healthy. No roots mean your jawbone starts to deteriorate. This puts your neighbouring teeth at greater risk of tilting and toppling out, kick-starting a vicious cycle of tooth loss. Before you know it you’re that sunken-cheeked pensioner we mentioned at the start, except you’re nowhere near retirement age.

The power of a dental implant in Melbourne

Now you know the repercussions of untreated tooth loss, why choose to get a dental implant in Melbourne? Because it is the only tooth replacement option that restores both the root and the crown. Our implant dentist will place a dental implant, which is a small titanium screw, into your jawbone. Here it will act as an artificial tooth root. New bone tissue will weave in and around it, securing it in place. After this period of integration, we’ll attach your replacement crown on top.

What’s more, a single dental implant in Melbourne can support up to 3 crowns on a bridge, so if you’ve lost several teeth in a row you needn’t shell out on multiple dental implants.