Are High Dental Implants in Melbourne the best option for me?

In an extremely modern world, there are many different roads you can take when it comes to fixing your oral problems. High Dental Implants in Melbourne provides very successful, quality implants, and that can last a lifetime. We also offer other options, such as bridges,which don’t require any surgery and are quicker to fit.

Why could implants be the best option for me?

Unlike bridges, implants don’t put any strain on surrounding teeth, due to them being fitted into the jaw using little screws (the implant itself). This means that they stand alone independently and don’t rely on other teeth for support, meaning the rest of your mouth remains unaffected and healthy. They also do not need to be regularly replaced, like bridges, which need to be replaced every 10-15 years, making implants a preferable option for those wishing to conserve time in the future. As well as the practicality of this treatment, they can also give a more natural looking appearance and can also be used successfully when you have more than one tooth missing, due to them being fitted into the bone of the jaw, so that they can act as a post to hold up and support several teeth.

What should I expect the benefits to be?

There are many benefits to implants, as well as the pleasing physical appearance of them. After losing a tooth, the bone surrounding the hole in the jaw begins to dissipate, along with the tissue that normally rests in the gums. However, upon fitting the implant, the activity in the root of the jaw encourages the bone to begin to develop again, meaning you are already on the road to having a stable, functional mouth again almost immediately. Alongside this, you will also experience an improvement in your ability to eat and chew food, the way in which you brush your teeth, and the way you feel when you smile. Unlike bridges or crowns, implants are a long term, natural looking way to get your smile back to it’s healthy, beautiful self.

How will they improve my life?

When you feel self conscious smiling, or feel that your mouth isn’t looking its best, you can feel insecure and begin to dislike grinning in photographs, for fear of exposing the holes in your mouth to those around you. However, having been sent a plan of the treatment in the post by us, you will begin to feel better about your missing teeth almost automatically, knowing that you’re only a few steps away from that natural, healthy looking full smile that you want. On top of this, you will also experience the benefits of having a healthy looking facial structure, with your cheeks now resting on a stable infrastructure of enough teeth, and therefore avoiding that hollow, overexposed cheekbone sunken look.

So let us, here at High Dental Implants in Melbourne, help you feel natural and healthy when smiling again – it’s the very least that you deserve.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.