After the accident

  • So, there you were, going for it on the pitch, just about to do something incredible when you collided with a big person coming in the other direction. Next thing you knew, you were face down in the dirt and your mouth was full of teeth as usual but one was no longer in its place. You may have lost a front tooth in the name of sport, but with a dental implant in Melbourne, there’s no need for you to lose your cool as well.

When you come to High Dental Implants Melbourne, our implant dentist, Dr Nicholas Hii can fit you with a dental implant in Melbourne that no one will be able to tell is not yours. Most people who lose teeth in a sports accident are usually on the young side, and are faced with several decades of living without that tooth. Plus, teeth that get knocked out are usually at the front of the mouth, so gaps are highly visible, and, so far, have never been a fashion statement.

How dental implants work

A dental implant in Melbourne is a small, tapered post or screw that is made of titanium. Dr Hii inserts it into a special channel that he makes in your jawbone. Once it is in place, the implant integrates with your bone tissue, which grows new bone and blood vessels over its surface. This is what holds the dental implant in place and gives it its stability. It takes 2-6 months for this important integration process to fully complete, but once it has happened, the artificial root can cope with anything you care to eat.

The crown that goes on top of the implant is made of dental porcelain and it is coloured, sized and shaped to match your other teeth. No one will know your implant-supported tooth is not real, and you may even forget it isn’t yourself.


As long as you keep up a good oral hygiene routine and don’t let gum disease get a look-in, you can expect your dental implant in Melbourne to last for at least 15 years, and more likely for decades.