You may forget it’s not real

There you were, out having a great time on your surfboard, your bike, your skateboard. You know you should have had your mouthguard in it, but you forgot it and rather than trek all those kilometres back home, you decided to go ahead anyway. If only you hadn’t; you’d still have a full set of teeth instead of a great big gap where your front teeth used to be.

Now what to do? Get a partial denture? That means wearing a plate behind your teeth. It’ll click and wobble and get food stuck under it. And, anyway, who will want to kiss you with one of those in?

You could get a bridge instead, but the dentist told you it would mean having the 2 healthy teeth on either side ground down to act as buttress crowns. That’s not very appealing either.

Looks like your best option is going to be a dental implant in Melbourne, so why not come to us at High Dental Implants Melbourne to get it?

Dr Nicholas Hii is our implant dentist. He’s highly skilled and highly experienced. Getting a dental implant in Melbourne with Dr Hii will be easy and smooth.

Here’s what you need to know about implant surgery:

Planning is key

Dr Hii will need to take a good look at your jawbone to make sure it’s strong and dense enough. X-rays and scans will help him plan where to site the implant so that it avoids blood vessels and nerves.

The procedure

This takes place under local anaesthetic, which is more than enough to numb the area as there aren’t many nerves in the jawbone. If you get anxious, we can also give you sedation to help you relax.


Once the dental implant is in place, it will take 2-6 months for it to integrate with your jawbone. During this time, you will need to stay away from foods that are tough and stick to soft foods. But after that, you can eat whatever you like again.

With no extra cleaning routine apart from your usual diligent twice daily brush and floss, you may find you forget which are your real teeth and which is your dental implant in Melbourne.