Worried you may not be eligible for dental implants in Melbourne?

If you are missing one or more teeth, you shouldn’t delay replacing them. Modern dentistry offers many tooth replacement options and dental implants are perhaps the best.

Even if you’ve never heard of this treatment but you still wish to consider dental implants in Melbourne, we are happy to help at High Dental Implants. Our dentists will examine your mouth and determine your eligibility by excluding common physical causes of implant ineligibility.

What makes someone a good candidate for dental implants?

There are quite a few reasons why dental implants may not be the right treatment for you, but in some cases even if you fall into one or more of the following categories, chances are that you may still be eligible to have dental implants.

Bone loss is a major disadvantage if you are interested in dental implants in Melbourne. Implants require some bone tissue to become attached to in order to create a solid foundation for replacement teeth. However, many people in need of dental implants are likely to have experienced considerable bone loss. In this case, bone grafting may be recommended, though some implants solutions can still be effective even when you have extensive tooth loss (i.e. All-on-4).

Another factor to consider before asking a dentist for dental implants in Melbourne, is smoking. If you are a smoker, chances are that your dentist will discourage you from having dental implants unless you quit well in advance. Studies have shown that tobacco is related to poor implant performance and smokers have demonstrated a higher rate of implant failure. Smoking damages your ability to heal properly, leaving you in danger of bacterial infection during the healing period. Moreover, smoking is associated with peri-implantitis, a gum infection very similar to periodontitis that can lead to implant failure if not treated.

Last but not least, diabetes is another factor to consider when looking into your tooth replacement options. Unregulated diabetes can hinder the proper healing of dental implants, therefore it is really important to have your condition controlled before you seek the advice of your dentist. All in all, remember that each patient is different and none of the conditions described above eliminates you from getting dental implants in Melbourne.