Worried that your new oral implant is sore? 5 indicators of an infection

So, you have just left your dental surgery after having oral implants fitted and are feeling on top of the world.

dental-implants-melbourneThe next few months will be crucial to your newly fitted implants securing themselves to your jaw and, as with any kind of cosmetic procedure, you will have to keep an eye out to ensure that this all goes smoothly.

While you may have a vague idea of how to identify a potential issue with your implants, there may be some symptoms that are harder to notice. Indeed, many people who have implants fitted and ignore the signs of infection end up losing the implant altogether, while also having to fight off an infected jaw- far from fun!

However, that won’t happen to you, as our team at High Dental Implants have come up with a list of 5 things to watch out for post-implant fitting.

As you can probably tell, our dental team specialises in fitting dental implants in Melbourne and know the procedure back to front and inside out. We know all of the signs of an infected implant and, should you come to us in the event of one, we will help clear it up promptly. We want to help you get that new smile you deserve and will act quickly to keep your new implant fitted and secure.

So, what are the 5 top things to look out for after having dental implants in Melbourne?

Foul taste/breath

The first thing to look out for is a bad taste in your mouth or constant bad breath.

Both are indicators of an excess level of bacteria, and these symptoms both suggest that your dental implants in Melbourne have become infected and require an urgent check-up with our team.

Pus or bleeding

Has your implant been bleeding on and off all day? Is there pus?

If you notice either of these symptoms or both, we recommend booking a same-day, emergency appointment for treatment. Pus signifies a more advanced infection and excessive bleeding is also a cause for concern, which will need medical intervention.


A minor amount of discomfort is to be expected post-implant fitting, but if you are in pain that is preventing you from eating, sleeping, or functioning, then it is likely that you have an infected implant. Take painkillers in the stopgap and book an appointment for our team to assess the infection and to provide you with antibiotics.


A nasty symptom of an infection is the inevitable fever that accompanies it.

If you have bodily aches, are feeling intermittently hot and cold and feel nauseated, seek medical attention immediately. If possible, have a family member or friend escort you to either our surgery in Melbourne or the nearest emergency room for treatment.

Swelling and discolouration

Some swelling around the implant site is normal, but if the swelling is increasing in size and is purple or blue in colour, you are dealing with an infection. Contact our team immediately if you notice these symptoms.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.