Will I be put to sleep for a dental implant fitting? A guide for nervous patients

It is an unfortunate reality that those who have phobias of the dentist often need more complex treatments as and when they attend dental surgeries.

dental-implant-in-melbourneThis in turn may include multiple extractions, which can understandably have a negative impact on their self-confidence. But if you are one of the many former phobic dental patients who want to restore their smile, you will be pleased to know that there is now a way to do so that won’t cause sore spots or ulcers and will boost your confidence. Fantastic!

Known as oral implants, the prosthetics act as a synthetic root for false teeth and once placed, they are immovable and strengthen your bite. As they are fitted to the jaw, they also feel and look like real teeth, allowing you to smile with confidence. What’s not to like?

At High Dental Implants, our team are experts at fitting implants and even with a single dental implant in Melbourne, we can transform your smile. Custom made prosthetic teeth will slot right into place and with their colour, shape and size-matched appearance, no one should be able to tell them apart from your natural teeth.

But having even a single dental implant in Melbourne fitted can be a bit unnerving, especially for those who were previously phobic of dentists. Here, our team offers a brief guide to the fitting of implants for our more nervous dental patients. Enjoy!

The consultation

If you want to have a dental implant in Melbourne, you need to first attend a consultation with a member of our prosthodontist team.

They will take X-Rays of your jaw and assess your general overall dental health to see if you are a suitable candidate for oral implants. If all goes well, you will be booked in for a fitting.

The fitting

Come the day of the fitting, our team will numb your mouth before the process begins.

While you can request to be knocked out for the process, being under anaesthetic carries a risk which can make the procedure more dangerous. We can, however, offer our more nervous patients intravenous sedation if requested, just make sure you bring an age-appropriate friend or family member to take you home afterwards.

If you want to stay awake, the process will take 1-2 hours per implant.

Follow-up appointments

Over the following 3-6 months, our team will need to see you to check that the implants are fusing to your jaw. It is important to not skip these assessments, as they can help us to see if there is an issue with implant alignment while still being able to correct it. Once your implants have fused successfully, our team will book you in to have the prosthetic tooth or teeth fitted.


Once your teeth are in place, your confidence will soar with your new smile.

Remember, we will still need to see you for your biannual check-ups and you will need to keep your dental hygiene levels high to promote the longevity of the oral implants.