Why do I need a sinus lift at High Dental Implants Melbourne?

If you have worn dentures in your upper jaw for an extended period of time, you may find that they have begun to feel uncomfortable and no longer fit as snugly as they used to. This is due to a natural process where your jawbone has receded.

A bone recedes when it is no longer stimulated. When you bite down and chew with your natural teeth, the jawbone is stimulated to continue cell growth and you constantly make more bone in this area. If you continued to have your original teeth at age 99, the bone would still remain strong and dense as it would still be stimulated.

Dentures cannot stimulate the jawbone like teeth can. Only tooth roots or replacement tooth roots in the form of a dental implant can do this and so naturally over time, the bone recedes as there are no more signals telling it to put energy into remaining strong and dense.

One common side effect of a receding jawbone is a sunken appearance to the face. At High Dental Implants Melbourne, we are able to reverse this damage with a sinus lift. A sinus lift is able to make use of the contours of your face and give you a chance at having dental implants placed into your jaw, providing functionality and reliability.

What is the procedure?

The professional team at High Dental Implants Melbourne, will guide you through every step of the way to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident with your decision. We understand that any surgical procedure can be daunting, but by remembering what the life benefits will be and the reliability of the treatment, we can assure you that you are in good hands.

A sinus lift is similar to a bone graft and there are several options for what kind of bone material could be used. You can use your own tissue or use something from other human, animal or synthetic tissue sources. We will personally advise you as to what we believe is the right option for you.

We can perform the procedure personally and you will be under general anesthetic. Healing time depends on the individual but once you are healed, you will be ready for dental implants which can stabilise your dentures and provide an improvement on your quality of life by giving you the freedom to be able to eat, chew and speak with ease again.

A sinus lift will be able to provide you with the most stable base for your dental implants to be secured on to, which will greatly minimise the risk of rejection at the site. When done correctly with the expert care that we are known for, you will be able to enjoy a successful treatment that takes minimal time to heal and provides maximum comfort.

We stress that you check back with us regularly to ensure that healing is going smoothly. As with all surgical procedures you need to follow aftercare instructions to limit the risk of complications or infection.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.