What’s so special about dental implants?

Have you heard your fellow footie players, retirees or accident-prone friends go on and on about dental implants after they lost a tooth? Now that you’ve experienced tooth loss too are you wishing that you didn’t tune them out as they rambled on? Not to worry, at High Dental Implants Melbourne, we know all there is to know about dental implants.

Here’s a quick rundown of what a dental implant in Melbourne, a tooth implant that is built to last a lifetime, can do for you:

Keep your jawbone healthy

If you’ve lost a tooth or teeth it’s important to fill that gap. And we’re not just talking about the gap above your gum line but the gap below too. A missing tooth root means your jawbone is no longer getting that vital stimulation from vibrations that pass from the crown of your tooth into your tooth root whenever you eat, talk or otherwise clash your teeth together. Your jawbone will start to deteriorate unless you plug that gap with a dental implant in Melbourne, which acts as an artificial tooth root.

Keep your replacement teeth firmly in place

Dentures are notorious for slipping around. This is because they rely on suction to the gums to stay in place. A deteriorating jawbone and receding gums, both consequences of tooth loss when the roots aren’t replaced, mean dentures don’t stand a chance of staying put in the long term. That’s why denture wearers have to get their dentures relined or replaced every few years. A dental implant in Melbourne is securely anchored into the jawbone, where new bone tissue meshes around it to hold it firmly in place. This means once your replacement teeth are attached on top, they won’t budge.

Keep you smiling

Your dental implant in Melbourne will keep your jawbone healthy and keep your replacement tooth or teeth (as a single dental implant can hold up to 3 crowns) securely in place. That’s already a lot to be smiling about. But there is more. A dental implant doesn’t need any extra-special care and with custom-made crowns, your new teeth will seamlessly blend in with your remaining teeth. So you’ll be smiling as brightly as before your tooth loss.