Want to know more about dental implants? Five of our top FAQs at High Dental Implants Melbourne

When you are considering a cosmetic treatment option, it stands to reason that you will have some questions before booking an appointment.

Of course, with cosmetic treatments, many of your concerns will be around how this procedure is going to benefit you and obviously, you will want to know about any risks associated with it as well.

This is no different in the field of cosmetic dentistry. As a growing industry, more people are researching cosmetic dental options, which leads to more inquisitive and more in-depth questions for our dentists at High Dental Implants Melbourne, particularly in relation to the ever-popular oral implant.

When you decide to have dental implants in Melbourne fitted by our team, we will aim to answer any questions and assuage any concerns you may have, so you feel confident proceeding with the treatment. Our dentists want you to be as informed as possible before undertaking any procedure that will alter your appearance, so that you know what to expect during and after the treatment is completed.

Read on to find the answers to our top five most commonly asked FAQs about dental implants in Melbourne. We are certain you will learn at least one thing you didn’t know!

‘Can I have implants if I smoke?’

In a word, yes.

But, does smoking have a negative impact on the dental implants in Melbourne that we can offer you? Also, yes.

Adverse effects of smoking are likely to cause your oral implants to not only fail, but to fail sooner.

‘Does having implants fitted hurt?’

A common question that we get at High Dental which is a concern to the majority of our implant patients.

While pain is subjective, many who have had oral implants fitted have compared the discomfort, after the anaesthetic begins to fade, to that of dental extraction. So, to summarise, yes, it is likely to cause some discomfort, but not as much as you might think. If you are concerned about any increasing level of discomfort after fitting, you need to see us immediately.

‘I lost my teeth a while ago- can I still have implants fitted?’

While this depends on the quality of your jawbone, it is possible to have an implant fitted if you lost your teeth a number of years ago. Our team will be able to provide you with a more accurate answer on consultation and examination.

‘Aren’t implants really expensive?’

At High Dental, we are able to offer all of our cosmetic clients finance options.

This is subject to checks, but will help to spread the cost of treatment into monthly, manageable chunks.

‘If I have implants fitted, do I still have to go to the dentist for check-ups?’

Yes, you do!

Implants require the same level of care that you would provide to your natural teeth, and require regular dental check-ups to ensure that they are still in place and that there are no secondary concerns in your mouth; good oral hygiene is important in prolonging the life of oral implants.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. This article is not a substitute for a check-up with your dental practitioner.