Think you are too old for cosmetic dentistry? Five advantages of dental implants for the more mature

While many patients feel that cosmetic dentistry is only for younger people, there are many benefits to undergoing appearance improving procedures in advanced years too.

Statistically, older dental patients are more likely to benefit from cosmetic dentistry. Due to age-associated issues like tooth loss, staining or periodontal problems, there is much more to gain for older patients and as the saying goes, life begins at sixty!

If you have had enough of wearing loose dentures or just want something more permanent, our team can help.

At High Dental Implants, as long as you have good overall oral health, we can help you get that smile you deserve, regardless of your age! When you come to us for dental implants in Melbourne, we will make you as comfortable as possible and ensure that when the process is complete, you will be the envy of many younger people you see in your daily activities! Your confidence will definitely improve!

But what are the other benefits of having dental implants in Melbourne fitted in advanced years?


No more buying messy dental adhesives, no more worries about losing or breaking your teeth; dental implants in Melbourne offer many older people a more convenient alternative to dentures.

As they are fitted to your jaw, they require no adhesives, so no more testing for the most suitable dental glues.

There is also no danger of them breaking or becoming lost (we all lose things from time to time, let’s be honest!) and so, no more worries about paying for repairs or a new set! Perfect!


With excessive rubbing and potential loosening, dentures can become uncomfortable over time.

Also, if they come loose when you are out and about, you may attempt to hold them in place by tensing your facial muscles; that’s going to hurt come morning!

After they are fitted, your implants may cause some initial discomfort, similar to an oral extraction. However, long term, with no rubbing and a professional fit, they will become extremely comfortable – just like your natural teeth.


As mentioned before, oral implants are immovable and so, you will have added security that they will not come loose when you are laughing, eating or chatting with your friends.

This can also improve your confidence, as you will feel more relaxed when you smile

Long lasting

While there is a saying that nothing lasts forever, with good oral hygiene and healthy lifestyle choices, your new implants will certainly come close!

If you refrain from smoking, take good care of your oral health both at home and by attending check-ups every six months, your implants may last up to forty years! That’s a great investment in your smile!

Eating and speech

Of course, implants not only look and feel like real teeth, but they also offer the same level of functionality too!

Your eating habits will become more varied, as you no longer have to worry about loose dentures and, similarly, your speech and inflection will also improve! Another great confidence booster!


All dental treatments carry potential risks. This article is not a substitute for a check-up with your dental practitioner.