Restoring lost stability

Losing teeth can cause problems with dental function. You might begin to chew your food more cautiously, and swallow it before it’s properly broken down. In Melbourne, dental implants will restore the dental abilities that you’ve been missing since you lost your teeth. You may have lost a single tooth, several of them, or even all of them. Our highly-trained implant dentist will use contemporary techniques to give you back the stability you enjoyed with your natural teeth.

Precision and comfort

Having dental implants in Melbourne is a personalised experience. Your new teeth will not be off-the-shelf replacements. We’ll customise them with a high degree of precision, so that they perform well and look appealing. Your tooth implant journey will begin with an in-depth talk at our easily-accessible dental practice. We’ll make sure you have a healthy and hygienic mouth, and measure the dimensions of your teeth in great detail. This helps us to meticulously shape your Melbourne dental implants so that they suit your dental alignment and positioning.

Once you’re properly prepared for the treatment, you’ll undergo a bit of minor surgery, during which our implant dentist will insert small metal rods into your jawbone. Then your very own substitute teeth will be firmly affixed to these rods. Usually, there’s a short resting period before we attach the new teeth, but in some cases, we can offer same-day teeth. We’ll let you know if this is a suitable option for you during that first conversation about Melbourne dental implants.

Taking control

Having dental implants in Melbourne will be a long-lasting positive change in your day-to-day dental experience. You’ll regain the convenience of fully-operational teeth. Plus, you won’t suffer the irritations associated with removable replacements like dentures. There’s no need to fiddle with messy adhesives or awkward clips once your Melbourne dental implants are securely placed in your mouth.

Another benefit of this treatment is that it preserves the density and strength of your jawbone. One of the problems caused by missing teeth is a gradual reduction in the jawbone’s resilience. This can lead to an undesirable, sunken appearance. Our implant dentist can make sure that this won’t happen to you.