Replacing a mouthful of teeth with only four dental implants

It can be incredibly daunting when your teeth have all fallen out and you find yourself unable to smile properly or even hold a conversation confidently. It can leave people feeling incredibly insecure and even socially isolated sometimes. Having treatment, at High Dental Implants Melbourne, could give you your smile back, leaving you feeling younger, healthier and a lot more confident when it comes to the condition of your teeth and appearance of your smile.

Getting dental implants in Melbourne can give you a complete smile in as little as a few months. This takes into account healing time after you have had your tooth implants inserted, however dentistry is advancing and you are now able to take advantage of same day teeth and All-on-Four treatment options. Both of these still use and start with tooth implants, which is where titanium screws are used to support your artificial teeth. These screws are placed into the jawbone and your artificial teeth are then attached to the tops of these screws, which protrude from the tops of your gums.

All-on-Four treatment could recreate your smile

Generally, when you are replacing a whole set of teeth with dental implants in Melbourne, you can expect to need up to twelve screws to support them. However, All-on-Four offers a new, innovative way to replace your teeth and is capable of supporting a whole mouthful of teeth with only four tooth implants. It has been proven that this treatment offers complete stability when it comes to replacing your teeth, and gives your new teeth a permanent feel. Ensuring that you clean your artificial teeth thoroughly and attend regular dental appointments, this will allow your new teeth to last for as long as possible, and in some cases this can be up to twenty years.

What if you still have some of your original teeth?

If you still have some original teeth remaining then our dental practitioner will assess the condition of them. If they are strong and healthy it is unlikely that our practitioner will remove them for you just so you can have a full set of dental implants in Melbourne. However, this does not mean that we will let you leave our clinic without a completed smile to be proud of.

Tooth implants can still be used to replace the missing teeth that you have around your remaining ones. You may need a mixture of crowns, partial dentures or bridges to fully restore your smile. Every patient we see is unique and their teeth are as original as their fingerprints, so we believe that their treatment should be individually tailored to their needs too.

Crowns can be used to replace singular teeth, whilst partial dentures and bridges are both used to restore multiple teeth. They are all designed to appear and feel exactly like normal teeth, so once they have been attached to your tooth implants you will find that they are comfortable and nobody will even notice that your teeth are false. When the teeth that you are missing are all next to each other a partial denture will be used to replace them. When your missing teeth are separated by a remaining original one our practitioner will use a bridge to restore your teeth, and this will strengthen your remaining tooth too.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.