Replace dentures with implants and eat with confidence

If you wear dentures, you probably avoid eating a number of foods –things that are too hard or crunchy, or have seeds that can get under the dentures and irritate your mouth. There is a solution though, you can have a much more varied diet if you replace your traditional dentures with dental implants in Melbourne.

Support a full mouth of teeth on just 4 implants with All-on-4

There have been great advances over the past few years in dental implants in Melbourne. It is now possible to have a full mouth of permanent crowns fixed to just 4 implants. Advanced technology is used to plot the optimal position for 4 implants to be placed – 2 in the upper jaw and 2 in the lower. In most cases, all 4 implants can be fitted on the same day, and you can go home with a temporary bridge in place. This is because the implants need around 6 months to settle in and bond with the jaw before permanent dentures can be fitted.

Is it as scary as it sounds?

A lot of people are apprehensive about getting dental implants in Melbourne because the thought of drilling into their jawbone makes them nervous. Here at High Dental Implants Melbourne, we have plenty of experience in fitting dental implants and will do everything we can to put you at ease. With local anaesthesia you won’t feel any pain, though you will feel some pressure. Advanced drilling techniques mean the surgery will be carried out in the least invasive way possible. You have the option of sedation if you are a nervous patient.

Come to us for a consultation and explore your options

If you think that you might benefit from dental implants in Melbourne, book an appointment for a consultation with us. We will take a look at your jawbone, possibly taking x-rays or a CT scan, to assess the density of the bone and see if you will need any additional treatment, such as a bone graft prior to being fitted with dental implants. We will fully explain all the options available to you, and explain the ways in which your life could be improved by having dental implants in Melbourne.