Over the age of 60 and fed up with dentures? 5 benefits of having dental implants in Melbourne

In dental care, particularly cosmetic dental care, it is all too easy to focus on the benefits that such procedures can offer younger patients.Dental Implants in Melbourne

But when it comes to many restorative procedures, which are also cosmetic, such as oral implants, there are many obvious benefits for people over the age of 60 too.

While somewhat an accepted part of getting older, tooth loss should not be seen as commonplace and if you have lost teeth due to decay or secondary problems, you may have resigned yourself to living with dentures. However, if you have good overall oral health, you may be suitable for a newer form of prosthetic teeth with no upper age limit!

At High Dental Implants in Melbourne, we have helped many patients over the age of 60 restore their smiles with oral implants and now, we can help you too! Fitted to the jaw, implants offer a long-term solution to tooth loss and bypass all the hassle of dental adhesives and loose-fitting dentures. What more could you ask for in a restorative procedure?

Are there any other advantages of having dental implants in Melbourne fitted if you are over 60? Of course, there are!

Better nutrition

A key benefit of having dental implants in Melbourne is that once the prosthetic teeth are attached, you will be able to eat a wider variety of foods; even those tough apples will become easy to bite into and chew.

As implants improve both bite strength and precision, you will be able to eat as many harder foods as you desire, improving your overall nutrition.

No discomfort

The daily wear of dentures can cause your gums to feel sore and irritated, even with a generous application of dental adhesive.

Once the implants have fully fused with your jaw, there will be no rubbing or sore spots to worry about and you will notice a reduction in mouth ulcers too. Great stuff!

No loss

Another issue with dentures is that, well, they can go missing!

With oral implants, once they are attached to your jaw by our team, you won’t need to worry about them going missing or being sat on and broken. Made from titanium coated with porcelain, the prosthetic teeth are sturdy and should be able to take an enormous amount of pressure without breaking.

Better longevity

Once they have been fitted, oral implants can last up to and over 40 years, provided that dental hygiene is maintained.

You will need to brush your implants and visit our team in Melbourne at least twice a year, so we can assess whether there are any issues with your gums or the health of your jaw bone.

Improved health

And finally, implants will improve your general health.

With no oral sores and fewer places for plaque and bacteria to hide, they can reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular issues, diabetes and even cancer.

Want to learn if you are suitable for oral implants? Contact our team in Melbourne today to book your consultation!


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.