Over 60 and curious about dental implants in Melbourne? 5 advantages they offer over dentures

While many people associate oral implants with being aimed at younger people, there are many benefits of undertaking this procedure when you are older.dental-implants-in-melbourne

Although many people maintain good oral hygiene as they hit 60 or older, teeth can still come loose and fall out. While this may be expected, it can create an issue when it comes to finding a suitable substitute for that missing tooth or teeth.

Of course, in years gone by, the mainstay in restoring someone’s smile to its former glory involved either a fitted bridge or a type of removable denture. These prosthetics are often tough for many people to manage, due to concerns about soreness and movement.

So, what is the answer?

At High Dental Implants, our trained cosmetic and restorative team are proud to be able to offer dental implants Melbourne. Designed to give you a more stable alternative to dentures, implants can also be custom fitted to blend seamlessly with any remaining natural teeth that you have, so no one will know the difference. What more could you want?

But what are some of the more practical advantages of dental implants Melbourne? Read on to find out.

Bite strength

Many older people who wear dentures often report feeling that they have lost some of their bite strength, and so, they have to avoid eating certain foods.

While dentures offer some assistance when it comes to biting and chewing, they do not offer an improvement in bite strength. And so, a key benefit of dental implants Melbourne is that they are securely placed into your jaw, allowing you to bite into any foods you want with more precision and force.

Improved digestion

Following on from the previous point, having a set of teeth that can grind and chew food thoroughly is essential for digestion.

As dentures are often ill-equipped to handle this task, this can lead to larger, improperly chewed pieces of food reaching the stomach. Why is this an issue? Because it can lead to secondary problems like indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux. As implants are sturdier, they can break down and bite into even the hardest foods without issue.

No more sores

An often overlooked concern is that once dentures are ready and placed on the gums, the gum line may shrink back. This increases the chances of rubbing and friction sores against the gums which are uncomfortable and can prevent someone from eating.

As oral implants don’t move, there are no sores to worry about!

No more breakages

The old image of someone sitting on a set of dentures and breaking them is actually quite common in real life!

As oral implants are affixed to your mouth, they cannot be sat on and even if you suffer trauma to the face, they are unlikely to break.

More smiles!

And finally, there is the obvious advantage of a more natural-looking smile.

When your smile looks better, you will show it off more and so, you will feel better about your overall appearance.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.