One for three!

Losing teeth is traumatic, whether it’s because you got them knocked out doing something active, you lost them to decay, or you just had teeth that weren’t all that robust to start with. The question now is, how are you going to replace them? In the old days, if you’d lost a few teeth in a row, you’d have a choice between a removable denture plate or a fixed bridge. Not anymore. Now you can also choose a dental implant in Melbourne.

Ah, but one dental implant in Melbourne is expensive, so having a few to replace those lost teeth is beyond your means, right? Well, no, it isn’t, because you don’t need one implant for each tooth you have lost.

In fact, one dental implant in Melbourne can hold up to three crowns on a bridge, so replacing lost teeth with the most effective form of restoration can be much cheaper than you may have thought. Also, because the bridge is permanently fixed to the implant, you won’t get food trapped under it or plaque building up under it in the way you can with fixed bridgework. And, of course, you don’t have to sacrifice two neighbouring teeth to act as buttresses for the bridge; all the stability and support comes from your jawbone, just like it does with natural tooth roots.

What to expect during treatment

Here at High Dental Implants Melbourne, we fit dental implants under local anaesthetic. The procedure takes about 90 minutes and if you are nervous you can also have sedation to relax you.

We cut through the gum and insert the dental implant into the bone, in carefully made artificial sockets that are sited so as not to affect any blood vessels or nerves in the jawbone. Then we replace the gum.


It takes 2-4 months for the bone to integrate with the implant by growing new tissue closely around it. Once the implant is firmly held in place, we can attach your new bridge, featuring handmade porcelain crowns, via a connecting piece called an abutment. With careful cleaning every day, your dental implant in Melbourne can last for at least 15 years, probably decades.

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