Knocked out tooth?

Being an active Australian does not come without risks. If you want to get out there and play rugby, go surfing, skiing or mountain biking, there’s always the chance that you could get a tooth bashed out while pursuing your favourite activities.

But if you do lose a tooth, don’t despair. You are not consigned to a life of wobbly denture plates or fixed bridgework. You can get that lost tooth replaced with a dental implant in Melbourne.

Want to know more?

A dental implant in Melbourne is the nearest thing you can get to that tooth you said goodbye to. It gives you back your entire tooth, root as well as crown.

At High Dental Implants, we make it our business to give you back teeth that are so lifelike that, after a few months, you may even forget that that dental implant in Melbourne is not your own natural tooth.

The dental implant process

We start off with a consultation, where our implant dentist, Dr Nicholas Hii, will need to know about your medical and dental history. He will also carry out a thorough examination of your teeth and also your jawbone. You need to have a strong, dense jawbone to receive dental implants, as they need a firm base to anchor into.

If all is good, you can go ahead with implant surgery. We use a local anaesthetic to numb you. This will be plenty as there are few nerves in the jawbone. However, if you are very anxious about the procedure, we can also give you sedation, either orally or intravenously.

During the procedure, Dr Hii will create a carefully planned channel in your jawbone, into which he will insert the dental implant.

Once the process is over, you will need to wait 2-6 months before you can chew on the implant. We can sometimes put the crown on at the same time as we insert the implant. This means you don’t have to go around with a gap in your mouth. However, you do have to wait until the implant has integrated with your jawbone before you eat more challenging foods, such as steaks and apples.