How much do implants cost at High Dental Implants Melbourne?

So you have done the research and you know how important and useful having a tooth implant will be as well as the benefits.

You’re not interested in looking at another article selling you the positive impacts that same day teeth may have not only on your self esteem but on your oral health and overall wellbeing as well.

You simply want to break down the costs and know how you can achieve the dream smile you have been wanting for a long time. Whether you have just recently lost a tooth and have been advised on the importance of having a tooth implant done sooner rather than later, or you have ill fitting dentures that are causing you stress and embarrassment, forcing you to stop enjoying those little things in life that make it so special, you know what you want and you’re just trying to figure out how you can get it.

Transparency is key

Well we like to be as open as we can be here at High Dental Implants Melbourne. It’s important to realise that every person is an individual case and prices therefore cannot be fixed, but we do have information and finance options available. You will be informed of the final price of treatment upon completion of consultation and examination. This will include any out of pocket expenses and dental codes. Please come and visit us for further information and advice.

As a guide, implant placement can be roughly priced at around $1,950 and we accept health funds. However, as stated above, you will be informed of the final price of treatment upon completion of consultation and examination

What are some of the finance options that are available to me?

DentiCare is a service that High Dental Implants Melbourne have partnered with. This allows patients to be able to receive the right type of care at the time that you need it. We hate to know that people out there are forgoing their health or settling for a less than ideal smile makeover option simply because they need to do something at a time that they cannot afford it.

Sometimes, dental care cannot wait, especially with tooth implants which are best placed quickly after an injury that has resulted in a lost tooth. In older patients, quality of life is very important. If you are struggling with ill fitting dentures that cannot give you that freedom in life that you seek, then please do come and see us.

This finance option is easy to apply for and allows you to pay over time with no interest ever. Terms and conditions do apply, please see our website for more details or pop in to talk to us. You can have your treatment immediately and pay for it when you can, giving you the option you might not have had otherwise.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.