Have you thought about replacing missing teeth?

When you have decided that you want to have an oral implant fitted, it can be an exciting time.

Saying goodbye to that pesky gap and getting a permanently fitted prosthetic to replace it is enough to make anybody feel happy.dental-implants-melbourne

However, it is worth considering through all the anticipation that having an oral implant fitted is, in point of fact, surgery. And just like any surgery, there can be complications that you need to look out for.

While any qualified and experienced dental team will undoubtedly try to prevent an issue from occurring, sometimes errors occur due to external influences and what happens once you have left the surgery.

When you come to High Dental Implants to have your dental implant Melbourne fitted, our team will aim to ensure that no errors are made and that you are left with a fully functional implant. If you need any help with aftercare, we can offer you advice and follow-up appointments as required, to help you get that end result smile worthy of the red carpet.

But what are some of the indicators that there is an issue with your newly fitted dental implant Melbourne? Our cosmetic team lists the following points to look out for.


Once your dental implant Melbourne has been fitted, it is likely that you will notice some minor discomfort around the implant site.

While this is totally normal, any sensations that you have should be controllable with over the counter pain relief.

But if you notice a worsening sensation in your mouth, that seems to be under and around the implant as opposed to just on the surface, contact our team for a check-up.

Bad breath

While nobody has perfect breath all the time (especially if you like garlic!), if you notice a foul odour emanating from your mouth after a fitting that does not reduce with brushing, then it is likely that you have an infection.


Like the minor discomfort, swelling around the site of the implant is typical within the first few days following the fitting. So is redness.

If the implant site appears to be swelling more than anticipated, or you notice any swelling in your jaw, cheeks or underneath your jawline, then it is important to visit our team for a check-up.

Even if you are not in any discomfort, this could be indicative of an infection and requires urgent medical treatment.


A tell-tale sign of an infection is if you have a fever.

While some people experience this differently, if you notice chills and hot spells in your temperature accompanied by nausea or vomiting, then you will need to see our team promptly. We will assess your implant for infection and will prescribe antibiotics to control and remove the infection.

Loose implant

Of course, not all problems that occur with implants are due to infection.

If you notice that your newly fitted implant is visibly wobbling or feels loose, contact our team for a check-up to assess the cause.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.