Five advantages of implants by High Dental Implants

When choosing whether or not to undergo a cosmetic dental procedure, it is easy to focus on the negatives or risks; whitening can cause sensitive teeth to hurt more if not performed correctly and even having a cosmetic aligner may create issues with your speech and pronunciation in the short term.

melbourne-dental-implantsIt is always wise and indeed, necessary to be aware of such things before undertaking a treatment, but many dental patients are deterred from seeking options which could actually really benefit their lives and their smiles. There are many advantages to every cosmetic dental procedure that reach far beyond simply giving you a better looking smile, and these can certainly outweigh any negatives or potential risks.

When you come to our team to undertake any cosmetic dental work, we will make sure that you are fully informed of the pros and cons of undertaking any treatment, including the ever popular dental implants in Melbourne. We will not pressure you into any procedure you don’t want and will work with you to make sure that you are happy with your smile when you leave our surgery. Perfect!

But what are some of the advantages of dental implants in Melbourne; can they really do more for you than just spruce up your smile? Read on to find out!

Bite strength

One of the main advantages of dental implants in Melbourne is that they will undoubtedly improve the strength of your bite.

If you have lost multiple teeth or have even been wearing dentures, you will be amazed at how your oral implants will give you a stronger and more precise bite, giving you the freedom to consume your favourite foods without worry. Brilliant!

Clearer speech

Dentures are prone to moving about and gaps in your teeth give your tongue a wider range to move over; either way, this is not good for clarity of speech.

As they are fitted to your jaw and are therefore immovable, oral implants will prevent your tongue from moving about haphazardly, meaning you will have both clearer speech and enunciation.

Better hygiene

Gaps in your teeth are a magnet for plaque and bacteria; as we brush our teeth, we often overlook cleaning the exposed areas of gums or may be unable to do so due to the positioning of teeth.

Filling these gaps with a permanent tooth or teeth means that you won’t have to worry about bacteria attacking your gums, meaning less chance of both periodontal disease or tooth decay.

Improved digestion

Our teeth are essential for good digestion; if you have gaps in your mouth, you may find it difficult to chew foods thoroughly, leading to problems with digestion.

Once fitted, implants will allow you to chew your food correctly, allowing for a smoother digestive process, free from indigestion or heartburn. Very appetising!


And finally, the main advantage of oral implants is their lifespan.

Lasting over 40 years with correct hygiene, sensible lifestyle choices and with minimal aftercare to undertake, this makes oral implants ideal for older and younger people alike.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.