Fed up with wearing dentures? Health benefits of dental implants for the elderly

While many people associate oral implants (and cosmetic dentistry in general) as being something for younger people, there are many advantages that can be had for older people too.dental-implants-in-melbourne

As we are all at a higher risk of losing teeth as we age due to illness or medications, it seems only logical that more older people are approaching dental teams to have oral implants fitted.

More secure than dentures and better for any natural teeth than fitted bridges, oral implants can provide the stability that is lost with other forms of restorative procedures and can help you to get your self-esteem back at the same time.

At High Dental Implants in Melbourne, our team has worked with many older people in relation to oral implants and have seen first hand how beneficial this procedure can be. While there may be some restrictions based on pre-existing conditions, most people are suited for oral implants, so contact our team today if you have questions!

But what are some of the health benefits that accompany the fitting of oral implants? Our team at High Dental Implants in Melbourne answers that question below.

Better nutrition

It is a somewhat annoying reality that many of the most nutritious foods are also hard, such as fruits, vegetables and nuts.

And so, when you lose your teeth, you may have to begin removing these from your diet. However, when you come to our team at High Dental Implants in Melbourne for this procedure, your bite strength and chewing strength will be restored, allowing you to eat as many crunchy apples as you wish. And therefore better nutritional intake will result!

Better digestion

Our teeth are important for grinding food and missing teeth can impact on your ability to break down food.

This can cause larger bits of food meeting your stomach and creating gastrointestinal issues. Heartburn, acid reflux and indigestion can all be reduced by fitting oral implants, as you are able to break down your food more successfully.

Better health

And of course, there is a link between plaque accumulation and health.

If you have gaps in your teeth, you are at a higher risk of plaque build-up, which can cause inflammation and gingivitis. These issues have been linked in multiple studies to cardiovascular issues, diabetes and even cancer, so having implants placed to close those gaps and restore your smile is far more valuable than a mere cosmetic change.

Better wellbeing

You can’t put a price on confidence and when you have your smile restored to its former glory, things will hopefully feel better.

More smiling due to a striking set of teeth equates to higher levels of dopamine, which helps with creativity and better sleep.

Bone regeneration

And finally, implants help the bone in your jaw to regenerate, thus stabilising any natural teeth that you have.

Missing teeth can lead to orthodontic protrusions due to receding bone impacting on surrounding roots, but with oral implants, this is bypassed keeping all of your teeth in perfect alignment. Brilliant!


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.