Do you have questions about aftercare for your oral implants? Your top 5 questions answered

When you have just had oral implants fitted and are walking out of the surgery, you may remember that question you wanted to ask a member of our team about cleaning your teeth.

dental-implants-melbourneWhile it is usually a straightforward procedure, our team at High Dental Implants are aware that having oral implants fitted is usually a unique experience in many of our patients’ lives; combining a cosmetic procedure with such surgical techniques and waiting periods is not common and so, we are aware that you may forget some of the questions you wanted to ask us.

Luckily, as our name suggests, we are experts in this area and can answer any question you throw at us!

At High Dental Implants, we have overseen the fitting of thousands of dental implants in Melbourne and can guide you confidently from start to finish. We pride ourselves on putting our patients’ needs first, so if at any stage in the procedure you require a little more clarity, we will be more than happy to provide it to you!

But, once the implants are in and the waiting period begins, what are some of the most burning aftercare questions that our patients have about their dental implants in Melbourne? Read on to find out!

Should I brush my teeth as normal?

The evening you return from our surgery, you should aim to keep up your regular dental routine.

However, be aware that the area around the implant site is going to be very sore and should not be disturbed, even with a toothbrush; take care to avoid aggravating the area and keep it clean with a lukewarm, saltwater wash.

Repeat until the swelling goes down and the area is no longer painful, but be careful not to disturb the stitches.

What level of discomfort is abnormal?

If you are experiencing pain that cannot be controlled by over-the-counter pain relief, book an appointment for an assessment of your dental implants in Melbourne.

It is likely that there is an infection or other complication that requires urgent medical attention.

Will there be swelling?

Yes, there will be.

The swelling should begin to recede after a few days, but if you notice it keeps reoccurring or is getting worse, please contact our team for a follow-up assessment.

Can I eat as I did before?

Once the implants are fitted, you should avoid any hard, spicy or hot foods, which will aggravate or damage the implants.

Until they have completely healed, stick to eating mashed potato and bread over a vindaloo curry!

I want to go out with friends; can I drink alcohol?

It is advisable to not drink alcohol with implants until the implantation site is completely healed; on average, this takes about 2 weeks. If you are worried that your implants are healing slowly, call our team for more advice and, for the meantime, stick to soft drinks and water when going out with your friends. It will all be worth it in the end!


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.