Dental implants – fitting in perfectly

When you are looking for a solution to replace your missing teeth, you need to think about more than just filling those gaps. You want an affordable, practical solution that has a positive or neutral impact on any remaining teeth and other parts of your mouth. Dental implants in Melbourne may well be the answer you have been looking for.

When you visit High Dental Implants Melbourne, we help you decide whether this treatment is right for you. Some of the decision making will be based on clinical factors while the rest is driven by personal circumstances and needs. We craft a solution that suits you.

Other teeth

Leaving gaps in your smile can have a detrimental effect on your other teeth. It is harder to keep an incomplete set of teeth clean. Plus, your remaining teeth can start to drift into the spaces. These are just a few of the problems that people encounter. Tooth replacement options can sometimes put extra pressure on any remaining teeth. They are often used to support an option like a partial denture.

Fortunately, dental implants in Melbourne are supportive of the surrounding teeth. They give you a complete smile again so it’s easier to clean. They are also completely independent and do not require resources or support from your other teeth.


If you do not use your jawbone, it will deteriorate. Under normal conditions, the pressure you apply through biting and chewing stimulates the area under your teeth and ensure that it is fully supplied with nutrients, moisture and the other things that it needs to thrive. As soon as you lose a tooth, resources are diverted away from the area and this can lead to the jawbone deteriorating. Many tooth replacement methods do nothing to address this. Dental implants in Melbourne have a positive effect on the jawbone. They stimulate it in a similar way to natural teeth and so the area stays healthy and full.


Your gums play an important role in protecting your teeth and ensuring your smile looks great. They can dry up and shrivel when there are gaps in your smile. Gums can be shaped around a dental implant for a natural appearance.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.