Considering dental implants in Melbourne? Five advantages of having fitted at High Dental Implants

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard about oral implants. A more permanent solution to missing teeth than dentures, oral implants have taken the dental world by storm, with more and more patients seeking them as both a cosmetic and restorative treatment option.

However, like most things new, you have probably also heard tabloid horror stories about this cosmetic option. These stories tend to stick in people’s minds more than the innumerable success stories of implants and may be preventing you and many other patients from reaping the benefits of this cosmetic and restorative treatment.

At High Dental Implants Melbourne, our cosmetic dentists want to help you gain that scintillating Hollywood smile you deserve. When you come to us, our team will assess your suitability for treatment with implants and discuss alternative solutions if there are any problems. We want what is best for you and can promise you a high-quality service that you will not get anywhere else!

But what are the other benefits of having oral implants fitted by High Dental Implants Melbourne? Read on to find out!

Better oral health

As you are filling any gaps in your smile with an implant and teeth, there are many benefits to your oral health that you may not know about.

For one, any gaps in a smile can be harder to clean effectively and will allow bacteria, plaque and other debris to accumulate. This can lead to gingivitis, cavities and potentially an infection.

As implants fill these gaps, these health-hazardous nasties cannot build up and impact on your oral health.

Better speech

When you have missing teeth, your tongue is not fenced in the same way that it once was.

This allows your tongue to move more freely and can potentially cause issues with speech. If you have ill-fitting dentures, you may have a similar issue.

When you come to High Dental Implants Melbourne, once fitted by our cosmetic dentists, your oral implants will not come loose. This will improve your vocal patterns and you won’t have to worry about whistling dentures while you are talking to your friends.

No ulcers!

No matter how much dental adhesive you wear with your dentures, there may come a time when, due to gum recession, they simply don’t fit correctly anymore and rub against your gums.

This can cause sore spots, ulcers, and inflammation. As mentioned before, implants are fitted to your jawbone and as such, they cannot come loose. No more rubbing or ulcers!


If maintained with correct dental hygiene and lifestyle choices, oral implants can last up to forty years!

Now that is more appealing than having an unsightly gap in your smile and is well worth the investment.

Better confidence

Our dentists will colour, shape and size match your implants to any natural remaining teeth you have in your mouth. Therefore, your new teeth will not only function like your real teeth, but they will also look exactly like them too!


All dental treatments carry potential risks. This article is not a substitute for a check-up with your dental practitioner.