Avoid the ageing jawbone loss with dental implants in Melbourne

When you think about the signs of ageing, what do you come up with? Wrinkles on the face? Maybe brown spots on the skin? Hair loss? A stiff, slow walk? How about a shrinking jawbone with a chin that seems to point up towards the end of your nose? That last one’s just a joke based on pictures of Hallowe’en witches, right?

Well, wrong actually. Yes, Hallowe’en witches often do have the nose-meets-chin thing going on, but if you look at the pictures, they also don’t have teeth, and it’s the tooth loss that causes the pointy chin look, not the spells and the broomsticks.

You don’t have to take up making potions in a cauldron to get this look. All you have to do is lose your teeth. Without tooth roots, the bone in your jaw starts to dissolve itself and the jawbone shrinks away, leaving an apparently pointy chin, and a face that collapses in on itself. It makes you look old no matter if you are still young. And yet, if you have dental implants in Melbourne, you can hang onto your chiselled, youthful jawbone and keep looking younger for longer.

At High Dental Implants, we replace single, multiple or even entire sets of teeth with dental implants in Melbourne. Not only do they keep you looking younger longer, but they also help keep you well nourished by allowing you to eat a wide and varied diet.

If you have dentures, your food choices are restricted by the fact that your false teeth cannot cope with tough or chewy foods. Dental implants in Melbourne allow you to eat whatever you like and so raw veggies, great steaks, and nuts are back on the menu, and your body benefits.

You also don’t have to worry about your implants showing you up in public. Because your implant-retained teeth are firmly anchored into your jawbone, there’s never any slippage or wobble to embarrass you.

If you’d like to find out more about dental implants in Melbourne, why not come in for a consultation with our implant dentist Dr Nicholas Hii?