Are there any non-cosmetic benefits to dental implants? 5 top advantages by High Dental Implants

Life is full of changes and as we age, our bodies begin to

Our hair turns silver, our eyes become wiser and more understanding and, unfortunately, for many people, our teeth begin to fall out.

Indeed, while tooth loss is more common in individuals who are older, it can happen at any age and can cause a dent in confidence whether you are 16 or 60. While there are options to help restore the cosmetic appearance of lost teeth, these often fail in other departments. Dentures, for example, can fill the gap caused by tooth loss, but often fail to be as strong as natural teeth.

So, what can you do? Luckily, there is a modern resolution to tooth loss that offers many advantages over traditional dentures or bridges.

When you choose to have dental implants in Melbourne, come to our team at High Dental Implants. As our name suggests, we are well knowledged in this area of cosmetic and restorative dentistry and can guide you through the entire process with confidence and care. We have helped thousands of patients restore their smiles with oral implants and could help you to as well!

But, aside from the obvious cosmetic advantages, are there any other benefits to having dental implants in Melbourne? Read on to find out!


Once fitted to your jaw, dental implants in Melbourne are permanent.

With a lifespan of up to 40 years with proper care, this restorative technique will not loosen, fall out, or move when you are talking or eating. Perfect!


As mentioned briefly earlier, many options to correct gaps in teeth, such as dentures, can become ill-fitting and rub against the gum line, causing sore spots and ulcers. Also, poorly fitting dentures can cause wearers to hold their facial muscles in odd positions, to try and secure loose teeth; far from an attractive look if you are out on the town.

Once fitted, your implants will barely if at all move, rub against your gums, or require facial contortion to hold them in place, making them a superior restorative option in relation to comfort.

Promotes bone growth

If you have lost a tooth or several teeth, the surrounding jaw will recede. While this sounds harmless, it can cause the destabilisation of any natural teeth, leading to misalignments and even loss.

Implants promote jaw growth and can provide a straightforward way to stabilise natural teeth around the implant site.


Our team at High Dental Implants will ensure that any implants you are fitted with match your surrounding teeth in shape, shade, and length, giving you a more natural-looking smile than could ever be achieved with dentures alone. Brilliant!


No need to say no to that corn on the cob or ice lolly; oral implants are as strong as natural teeth and won’t snap under pressure.

This will enable you to eat a wider range of foods without having to worry about applying to much pressure.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.