Are dental implants the right solution for your problem?

Due to advances in dentistry in recent years, dental implants have become more popular than ever and many dentists consider them the most viable alternative for replacing missing teeth.

At High Dental Implants, we have extensive experience and great success rates in using dental implants to help patients restore their missing teeth and regain a beautiful and healthy smile. By evaluating your situation, our Melbourne dental implant dentist will do their best to ensure that your ability to speak, chew and smile is not compromised anymore.

Is there a more organic way to replace missing teeth?

A dental implant in Melbourne is an amazingly efficient replacement for a natural tooth. Unlike conventional bridges and dentures, dental implants are organically connected to the teeth through a minor surgery. The dental implant is actually a titanium, screw-shaped post that is inserted into the gum and gradually fuses with the jawbone. Human bodies react to titanium as they do to natural tooth roots. They create new bone tissue over the implant, and this anchors it firmly in place. This procedure, technically known as ‘osseointegration’, can take from a few weeks to several months. To date, no other tooth replacement method has managed to restore teeth the same way dental implants do.

Aesthetics and functionality

Replacing a missing tooth with a Melbourne dental implant is not only about aesthetics. Researchers have put a lot of effort into developing dentures and bridges. The modern versions of these devices are smaller and more realistic than their predecessors. However, they are not as functional as dental implants. Dentures tend to become loose over time, whereas bridges still need to get rid of healthy tooth enamel in order to be stabilised. Over time, both dentures and bridges become less durable and eventually need replacement every few years. This is not the case with dental implants, which can last for many years.

Are they for everyone?

With so many advantages, you’d be forgiven for assuming that everyone is a good candidate for this treatment. However, this is not true. For most people, dental implants are a viable tooth replacement solution, yet there are certain criteria that make dental implants a non-viable solution, even temporarily (e.g. smoking, uncontrolled diabetes, gum disease).