A hollow, sunken smile ruining your look? Try High Dental Implants in Melbourne!

Here, at High Dental Implants in Melbourne, you needn’t worry about your missing tooth leading to a gap in your smile. We can provide dental implants to give you the smile you’ve longed for.. Missing teeth can be a result of many different things – from illness, to a sporting activity accident. Missing teeth are not something that you should just “put up” or suffer with. High Dental Implants in Melbourne are here to help you.

How do implants work?

A Small, thin metal screw (the implant) is carefully and delicately placed along the jaw, where a missing tooth was. After the implant has been surgically put in place and given time to heal, dentures, crowns or bridges are able to be installed onto the implant in a quick, easy and fuss free manner, therefore resulting in a natural looking, stable smile.

What is the process?

Upon arrival, you will be greeted with our team of friendly, welcoming professionals, whose job is to make sure the experience is comfortable for you. An x-ray ( preliminary dental radiographs) will be taken, along with a full medical history check, allowing us to be on the same page as you. After a consultation about the desired end result that you would like, we will go through a list of benefits and risks that each procedure carries, meaning you are able to independently make the final conclusion yourself about what you think will look and work best for you. You will then be given a fully drawn out plan for the process you have chosen, including dates and a price plan, allowing you to integrate the task of improving your teeth into your busy daily life.

Why should I get implants?

When you have lost a tooth, the jaw bone surrounding the area begins to disappear, along with lots of tissue and the little blood vessels that you are supposed to have. However, you don’t have to let this worry you, because here, at High Dental Implants in Melbourne, we encourage and aid the missing bone in the jaw to grow back, as well as the surrounding tissue that is missing around the gap.

How can they benefit me?

Missing a tooth can lead to a range of different problems, such as difficulty when chewing or eating food, brushing your teeth, and just a general lack of control with your actions. However, once fitted, the implants mean you can finally take back the reins of your motions and begin eating and chewing normally again, and in turn, gain back your feeling of normality. Besides just the health benefits and functionality side of things, your appearance is also something that can be positively affected by the implants. Missing a tooth can lead to a shallow, sunken face look, when the cheeks rest over a gap left by the tooth. With implants, you will once again have the confidence of a full face and smile that you were born to have.

Besides just the physical benefits, there are also psychological ones that occur after getting the implants. Ever felt too insecure to smile properly with a wide grin, due to the hole in your mouth, or have you ever not had the confidence to laugh properly with your friends that have every tooth? Let these be worries and troubles of the past, and start laughing as loudly as you deserve.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.